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Mit vielen tollen Gästen - Live-Music, Talk & Stand Up Comedy
Die total andere und legendäre Late Night Show aus Köln, Deutschland - Sichere Dir Dein Ticket für den 04. Dezember 2020n!

Wolfgang Hildebrandt und sein Late Night Show Team freuen sich auf Euch.

Die etwas andere Late Night Show

  • Live-Music
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Talk
  • Fun Fun Fun !!!
  • Wir feiern unter den aktuellen Corona Regeln
  • Stars zum Anfassen
  • Ruft an oder schreibt uns, das Ticket kommt
  • Wir freuen uns auf Euch


  • "Mitmachen ist angesagt - entspannen und ausschlafen könnt ihr am nächsten Tag. Die etwas andere Talkshow, sichere dir ganz schnell dein Ticket".
    -- Late Night Show Team --
  • ""Für mich war völlig klar, das meine "Hollywood Late Night Show" nach Köln muss.".
    -- Late Night Show Team --

Wolfgang's Peace Activities



  • Wolfgang Hildebrandt discussed with Harry Belafonte, ways to spread more peace into the world


  • Wolfgang Hildebrandt performed Larry Norman's Song “I wish we'd all been ready” for Bishop T.D. Jakes in Dallas, Texas.
  • Wolfgang, together with Anita Davis, composed the “Freedom Song” and published it by EMI


  • On September 11, 2001, Wolfgang composed the European song
  • "Lets Build A House of Peace" and dedicated it to the people of New York. On this day that lives on forever in the minds of somany Americans, Wolfgang took it upon himself to motivate and inspire young, enthusiastic NYPD Officers to come together in a spirit of unity, and in their spare time team up with Wolfgang to record the chorus and back up vocals for this very touching song.
  • Wolfgang and the newly formed NYPD Choir recorded this song in New York. The German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, then gave the CD as a gift from the German Government to then US President George W. Bush. Wolfgang performed the song several times with the NYPD in New York and Cologne, Germany.


  • Wolfgang Hildebrandt met former first lady of the United States of America Hillary Rodham Clinton and discussed with her how we might find ways to spread more peace.


  • Wolfgang was the first German who performed a peace concert for the United Nations in 2005 with the song he composed entitled, "United Nations Song" in 2001, under the musical direction of Emmy Award Winner, John Wineglass. Appropriately, the event was held at the UN Headquarters on July 3rd, 2005, in the Dag Hammarskjöld Library Auditorium in front of top official representative staff members and visitors of 191 Nations. Over six (6) million people throughout Europe viewed this outstanding performance presented by Wolfgang. The entire performance was recorded by ARD-TV Station and was later made into a television documentary performed several times at the UN in New York for example for the Pleace Bell Ring Ceremony.


  • Wolfgang met Herbie Hancock in Los Angeles and both discussed what music can do for a better world and that music is the best instrument to spread peace.


  • Press Conference at the United Nations about Wolfgang Hildebrandt's ideas for a better world for children.


  • Wolfgang Hildebrandt performed at the official Peace Bell ringing ceremony at the United Nations Headquarter New York


  • In 2009/2010 Wolfgang Hildebrandt visited the Dr. Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia and studied the thoughts and teachings of Dr. King.


  • Wolfgang traveled to Cape Town, South Africa and met with Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu to discuss world peace and how it could be attained. Both men were in agreement that when Africa is in good health, the rest of the world will be as well. After, Wolfgang sang a few songs for him.


In 2009-2015 Wolfgang Hildebrandt met his mentor and best friend Andrae Couch, 8 Grammy Award winner and holder of a star walk of fame in Hollywood. Together both worked on the refrain of the United Nations Song and had the idea that this song needs to be the new peace song like”We are the world”. The recording is still in process.


  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trinidad and Tobago celebrated UN day on 26th October 2012 and asked for Wolfgang Hildebrandt's United Nations Song. Wolfgang sent it and they celebrated the UN day with Wolfgang United Nations Song.
  • Wolfgang Hildebandt performed at the former concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland.


  • Wolfgang launched his world peace record label “Hollywood Hills Records” in the US.


  • Wolfgang Hildebrandt was involved with and donated 3 concerts for refugees in Germany and recorded a new version of John Lennons smash hit “Imagine” in Farsi and English. Wolfgang Hildebrandt donated a concert for handicapped people in


  • Between 2000 and 2017, Wolfgang travelled extensively all over the world giving both paid and donated performances and motivational speeches in Africa, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Australia and The United States. Wolfgang's intentions as a musician were to always spread peace through music. His view is that "Music is the perfect instrument to spread peace".

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